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"Hayley's class was one of the most self-discovering, freeing moments

I've ever had as an artist and

human being."


- Jenna Ashlyn, Theatre Artist

I am a Designated Linklater Voice teacher and received my M.F.A. in Acting

from the University of California, Irvine.


I teach and direct for universities and and actor training programs around 

NYC, while additionally offering private coaching for performers and

professionals, both in person and over Zoom. 


Having transitioned from the intense world of classical ballet into acting,

improv, and voice, my teaching centers around the compassionate 

investigation of presence, courage, and truthful human communication.

I feel successful as a teacher when my students leave class feeling more

alive, confident, and eager to express themselves.

I offer PRIVATE and GROUP classes for adults at all levels of experience in:

  • Vocal Production

  • Public and Motivational Speaking

  • Acting Technique

  • Acting a Monologue

  • Acting a Song

  • Improvisation





"Working with Hayley reminds me of the importance of being able to communicate freely, as an actor and as a human being. Working together, we've begun to free my voice and re-awaken my ability to communicate unimpeded. It's a big relief releasing all of that tension!"

Grant Haralson, Performing Artist

"Anyone who enjoys a coaching session with Hayley has been given a gift! As an actor, coaching sessions can sometimes feel like you’re looking for someone to give you choices to make in your piece. With Hayley, it is nothing short of a collaboration. Hayley listens to your instincts as an actor, and works with you to bring out the beautiful details in your vision. I have coached scenes, monologues, songs, and more with Hayley, and every time I walk away feeling confident with my work. Hayley has a wonderful tenderness and openness as a coach that encourages you to trust your gut and play! I’m telling you — book with her YESTERDAY!!"

- Kate Cassidy Ryan, Actor

"Hayley's intuitive nature is magic and makes the class

not only accessible, but curated to the individual."

- Zak Houston, Actor and Musician

"Working with Hayley Jannielli has been a truly transformative experience. Her deep knowledge, gentle coaching style, invaluable insights, and lasting impact on my interaction with the world have made this journey educational and immensely rewarding. I've noticed a significant improvement in my ability to convey my thoughts and ideas clearly and persuasively. Whether it's in professional presentations, social interactions, or even casual conversations, I feel more poised and self-assured in my communication. This newfound confidence has opened doors to opportunities I may have otherwise missed. "

- Meredith V., Life Coach & Entrepreneur

"Hayley is a wealth of knowledge! They take into account your theatrical niches and ask you about your challenges. You feel comfortable and seen with Hayley. I look forward to taking in some of these new pieces into auditions and self tapes!"

- Christie Farrell, Actor

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